Strengthening direct access to Green Climate Fund by Indonesia’s Entities


cov_enby: Henriette Imelda and Fabby Tumiwa.

Green Climate Fund is currently the biggest fund for climate change, with total pledges of USD 10 billion. One of the niches is direct access, which ideally, enables local entities to access Green Climate Fund directly. However, a question then raised, is the current mechanism of direct access really works to achieve the initial objectives?

This paper elaborates a case study in Indonesia on direct access to Green Climate Fund. There are several lessons learned that were elaborated in this report from two different entities that are currently working on their accreditation to the Fund. The paper also elaborates on the role of National Designated Authority (NDA), in enhancing direct access to Green Climate Fund, which found to be crucial; not only to issue non-objection letters, but also to further facilitate any interested entities to access the Fund.

Therefore, this paper provides a two-folds of analysis, the first one is to reflect on the current mechanism for any potential accredited entities that apply for direct access; and the second is to reflect the importance of having a strong and active National Designated Authority in order to enhance direct access from countries to access the Fund.

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