The Government Finalizes The Simplification Of The Tariff Of Electricity


The Government is planning to revamp the system of calculation of electric adjusment rates (non-subsidized) and remodel the list the customers of PT PLN (Persero).

The changes will be targeting the household electricity customers (R-1).

Ignatius Jonan, Minister of energy and Mineral resources (DEMR), said the plan was being examined is to delete and merge three types of consumer group R-1 900, 1,300 VA and 2,200 VA. into one group of customers.

“Now that his Division, 450 VA,900 VA, VA, 1,300 and 2,200 VA. So no need to be so later, except that subsidized 450 VA and 900 VA, “Jonan said in Indonesia stock exchange (idx), Tuesday (7/11).

The current power rates the R-1 of which 900 VA – RTM with fares of Rp.1,352 per KWh and for the customers of 1,300 VA and 2,200 VA with the same rate of Rp 1.467,28 per KWh. Subscriber For R-VA-2 3,500 5,500 VA charge Rp 1.467,28 per KWh and R-3 6,600 VA and higher with Rp.  Rp. 1.467,28 per KWh.

By finalizing this rate, there will be no more the list changes the group type, later R-1 will be grouped in the same group with the non-subsidized customers.

“So other non-subsidized groups should go directly to 4,400 VA. They don’t need to be categorized as the groups that close to non-subsidy, “said Jonan.

Fabby Tumiwa, Executive Director of the Institute of Essential Service Reform, said that simplifying the actual tariff has been proposed for long. The reason, the condition is now too much the rate.

But the Government was reminded not to rashly in implementing.

“The government should make a comprehensive study.

In fact, the price of the same connection, 1,300 VA and 6,600 VA is the same. During this time are distinguished by the burden cost. If the burden cost will be implemented to all there will be no problem, “he said.

In addition, with the simplification of the administrative process and the calculation of rates by the PLN would also become easier.

“It gives benefits to make the administration much simpler. And discussion for the calculation of tariffs is also easier, “Fabby said.

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