Abdilla Alfath

Abdilla Alfath is the freshest of our talent, joining our Research team in July 2019, he is supporting the core research team to deliver IESR annual flagship study: Indonesia Clean Energy Outlook (ICEO), project in data collection and analysis, including but not limited to Indonesia energy policy landscape, market and industry trends, renewable energy status, energy efficiency progress, and global trends.

He earned a Master of Laws Graduate from the University College London UK and a Bachelor of Laws Graduate from Universitas Gadjah Mada. He has interest and background in Green Sustainable Financing regulations and Policy for the renewable energy and agroforestry sector.

Alfath was previously a  Law and Policy Research Fellow at Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility an organization set up by multiple stakeholders such as UN Environment, BNP Paribas, CIFOR/ICRAF and ADM Capital Hong Kong and supported by the Indonesian Government aimed at facilitating long term finance to projects and companies that stimulate green growth and improve rural livelihoods. He has had extensive experiences researching customary land tenure instruments used at sub-national levels across the country; and in conducting investment policy and stakeholder mapping on the topic of green financing. As well as carrying out scoping exercises to identify renewable energy, agriculture and fisheries programmes in Indonesia.

He is also used to summarizing international best Practices and research findings related to socio-Economic impacts of renewable energy as compared to traditional energy sources. Alfath was also a project assistant at the National Union of Students UK for the Green Impact Project; a UNESCO Sustainability Education Award-Winning project used in over 300 organizations in the UK and around the world.

Abdilla Alfath in his spare time enjoys reading books, writing and traveling as well as volunteering teaching.

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