Essential Structure

IESR’s legal entity is an association in which the General Assembly holds the highest authority.

The General Meeting of Members chooses the Board, which consists of: Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Members. The Board also commissions to give strategic directives to, and supervise the work and performance of the Executive Body.

The Executive Board consists of the Executive Director who is obliged to implement the daily organizational programs and activities accordingly to the work programs and the organization’s strategic directions determined.

In carrying out the duties, the Executive Director is supported by a number of staff recruited professionally under competence-based considerations.

IESR secretariat structure consist of:

  • Executive Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Program CoordinatorAdministration and Finance Coordinator
  • Program Officer
  • Program Assistant
  • Research Associate
  • Support Staff

IESR gives opportunities to individuals to become fellows – individuals with relevant knowledge and/or special expertise and also competences, and can support IESR’s vision, mission and program implementation. Fellows are chosen upon criteria set and after getting recommendations from members and/or IESR board.