Staff Profile

Fabby Tumiwa (Executive Director)

Fabby Tumiwa is Executive Director of IESR. He has been working extensively on energy and climate change area for the last ten years. His area of expertise is in energy policy and regulation, renewable energy technologies and economics, and organizational development. He has been carried out study and analysis of energy and electricity policies of Indonesia and global level; developing renewable energy projects, and following closely the international climate change negotiation. Since 2006 Fabby has been member of Indonesia delegation to international climate change negotiation (UNFCCC).

Fabby is one of the founder of Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring (WGPSR), in 2001, a predecessor of IESR. Before joined IESR, he worked for various non-governmental organizations in Indonesia. He is known as Indonesia energy experts; his comments and analysis in particular on Indonesia electricity industry appear regularly in various national and international media both printed and electronic. Fabby is an electronic engineer by training. He works as consultant for energy projects, in particular renewable energy. Fabby is a LEAD fellow (Cohort 12) and a prestigious Eisenhower Fellows ( in 2009.

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Kharina Dhewayani (Administration and Finance Officer)

Kharina Dhewayani is Senior Finance and Administration Officer. She studied and received her diploma at Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara majoring in Indonesia Taxes Law 1996, and then she continued her studied and received her bachelor degree from University of Sumatra Utara majoring in Economic Accounting/

Before joined IESR, Kharina ever worked with Indonesia government at KPP Medan Barat as tax company auditor for 4 years and then she moved to Germany and worked as administration staff at AWO in Duisburg, North Rhein Westfallen for three and half years. After that she was back to Indonesia and worked for 4 years for International NGO called Heifer International as Finance Program Officer and biggest part of her responsibility there were internal audit and budget monitoring for more than 35 local NGOs around Sumatra.

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Yesi Maryam (Outreach Officer of Extractive Industries)

Yesi graduated from University of Indonesia majoring in Political Science. Before joining the IESR, she had been working for eight years as the communication officer for some community development programs, such as Kecamatan Development Program (KDP), Australia Indonesia Basic Education Program (AIBEP) and Community-based Solid Waste Management Program. Yesi has put her interests in developing community media-especially in grass root level- and joined with Yakoma PGI as the freelance facilitator in developing community video. She’s also a member of social network community in improving the quality of environment in Jakarta.

She can be contacted at:

Erina Mursanti (Program Officer)

ernitaErina firstly joined with IESR in Januari 2008 as the program officer for the access to energy and climate change. She graduated from University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics in 2007 and started her professional career in KEHATI Foundation and managed some projects related to the issues of energy and climate change. During her works, Erina had been actively involved in some research and developing networking with CSOs and practitioners in energy and climate change.

To extend her expertise Erina continued her study in major of sustainable resource management and took a master degree from Technische Universität München (TUM), Munich, Germany. During her study she also involved in some research of her university and worked in Ethiopia to deepening her knowledge in natural resource management.

In August 2014, Erina gets joining with IESR and works as the research officer for extractive industries program

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Hening Marlistya Citraningrum (Program Manager – Sustainable Energy Transition)
hening-marlistya-citraningrumHening Marlisya Citraningrum is program manager for Sustainable Energy Transition and responsible for the management of research and implementation of projects for improving access and quality of energy supply, as well as the integration of new and renewable energy in Indonesia.

Citra as so she called joined with IESR in June 2016. Citra holds a PhD degree in chemical engineering from Taiwan Tech with research focus on environmental management. During her study, Citra was also a research assistant and involved in several studies related to environmental management and sustainability issues, such as water and wastewater treatment, biofuel production, and rainwater harvesting.

Her research have been published in international conferences and journals. Citra also co-authored of a book on precipitation and its impact on the environment.

Prior to joining IESR, Citra worked in community development sector, gaining experiences in the field of behavioral assessment, facilitation, and stakeholder engagement.

Citra can be contacted at :