The Meaning of Essential

Essential Understanding

In IESR, we believe that energy is an essential need for human kind in this modern era. Energy is needed to carry out various social and economic activities. Energy supports basic needs fulfillment such as cooking food, comfortable temperature, lightning, household use, both clean and wastewater treatment, health services, education, transportation and communication. Energy provision comes from the extraction and conversion natural resources (oil, gas, coal and renewable resources). Adequate accessibility and availability are essential preconditions for other important needs fulfillment as also to guarantee human development. Absence or lack of access to energy could be a setback to human abilities in taking advantages from possibilities of economic development, and also to enhance their life qualities.

Just and sustainable energy provision is gained from extraction, management and usage of natural resources. Energy provision has to respect the environmental carrying capacity, and has to consider ecological and social justice. The use of renewable resources has to be optimized in order to minimize the exploitation stress of non-renewable energy resources. Publics’ active participation in all stages  (“value chain”) of the energy resources extractions and in the decision making process of public policies regarding energy supply are important conditions to ensure that publics’ interests and benefits are not being neglected.

Essential Vision

IESR has the vision of developing the sovereignty of natural resources management, which is fair for the public and sustainable with the highest appreciation for human rights over natural resources by taking account of social justice and gender justice aspects.

Essential Mission

IESR was established to come to an end with the imbalance of energy resources management and to achieve sustainable, affordable and just usage of renewable energy; through activities such as policy advocacy, research, development of information and non-governmental-organization capacity, and also widening & developing its network.