Institute for Essential Services Reform is a research and advocacy institution on energy and environment policy. Our Institute combines in-depth studies and analyses of policies, regulations, and techno-economic aspects in the energy and environment sector with strong public interest advocacy activities to influence policy change at national, sub-national, and global level.

The History

Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring (WGPSR) is the forerunner of IESR.

In 2007, IESR was formally established from the Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring (WGPSR), a working group that was active in 2001–2006. This working group was established in 2001 by International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID), Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW), Indonesian Consumer Organization (YLKI), Public Interest Research and Advocacy Center (PIRAC), The Legal Aid Institute (LBH) Jakarta, Debt Watch, and Gemi Nastiti (GENI) Foundation.

WGPSR advocated for electricity sector reform in Indonesia after the financial crisis in 1998 and during the program of structural reforms carried out by the Indonesian government with the support of the IMF and multilateral development banks.

After that, WGPSR was deeply involved in advocating policies and regulations on electricity tariffs, subsidies, and management of the electricity sector. This working group was the first civil society organization to encourage public participation in the formulation of policies and decisions in the Indonesian electricity sector, which at that time was not sufficiently transparent.

Based on the results of an external evaluation conducted in 2006, WGPSR was recommended not only to work in the electricity sector, but to continue working on broader energy issues and their impacts on the environment. In 2007, WGPSR was officially registered as a new organization called the Institute for Essential Services Reform.

Our Vision and Mission


Building a world that is better, more sustainable, low-carbon oriented, and able to provide clean, sustainable energy for future generations.


Encouraging the acceleration of Indonesia’s energy transition
towards a just, clean, and low-carbon energy system.

Executive Boards
Muhamad Suhud | Chairman

Muhammad Suhud adalah ahli kebijakan energi bersih dan aksi mitigasi perubahan iklim. Selama lebih dari 17 tahun, Suhud telah bekerja di berbagai proyek energi di WWF Indonesia, UNDP Indonesia, USAID, dan sejumlah LSM internasional. Dan sejak tahun 2015 Suhud menjadi konsultan independen untuk kebijakan energi dan energi terbarukan.

Muhammad Suhud is an expert on clean energy policy and climate change mitigation actions. For more than 17 years, Suhud has worked in various energy projects such as at WWF Indonesia, UNDP Indonesia, USAID, and in several international NGOs. And since 2015 Suhud has become an independent consultant for energy and renewable energy policies.

Lutfiyah Hanim | Treasury

Lutfiyah Hanim adalah ahli mengenai organisasi perdagangan internasional (WTO) dan kebijakan pertanian Indonesia. Saat ini bekerja untuk Third World Network (TWN). Sebelumnya Hanim adalah Koordinator Program Perdagangan di Institute for Global Justice (IGJ) dan pernah juga beraktivitas di KONPALINDO. Hanim juga menjabat sebagai Pemimpin Redaksi buletin Berita Bumi.

Lutfiyah Hanim is an expert on international trade organizations (WTO) and Indonesian agricultural policies. She is currently working for the Third World Network (TWN). Previously, Hanim was the Trade Program Coordinator at the Institute for Global Justice (IGJ) and had also been active in KONPALINDO. Hanim also served as Editor in Chief of the Berita Bumi bulletin.

Fabby Tumiwa | Secretary

Fabby Tumiwa adalah ahli energi, kelistrikan dan perubahan iklim. Fabby terlibat aktif di berbagai gerakan sosial dan jaringan regional maupun internasioanl. Fabby pernah menjadi anggota International Committee member (IC) Climate Action Network International, International Committee NGO Forum on ADB, dan Koordinator Indonesia Climate Action Network (ICAN).

Fabby Tumiwa is an expert in energy, electricity and climate change. Fabby was actively involved in various social movements and regional and international networks. Fabby used to be a member of the International Committee member (IC) of the Climate Action Network International, the International Committee of the NGO Forum on ADB, and the Coordinator of the Indonesia Climate Action Network (ICAN).

Arimbi Heroepoetri | Member

Arimbi Heroeputri adalah aktivis lingkungan, HAM, gender, perempuan dan masyarakat adat. Arimbi pernah menjadi salah satu Komisioner di Komisi Nasional Anti Kekerasan terhadap Perempuan (2007 – 2014) dan menjadi Direktur DebtWatch Indonesia, sebuah NGO yang aktif memberikan pelatihan tentang lembaga keuangan internasional dan globalisasi kepada berbagai kalangan. Arimbi adalah salah satu pendiri NGO Forum on ADB, sebuah  forum organisasi dan kelompok masyarakat yang tersebar di berbagai negara Asia, Eropa, dan Amerika yang mengawasi proyek-proyek dan memantau kebijakan Asia Development Bank (ADB).

Arimbi Heroeputri is an environmental, human rights, gender, women and indigenous people activist. Arimbi used to be a Commissioner at the National Commission on Violence Against Women (2007 – 2014) and became Director of DebtWatch Indonesia, an NGO that actively provides training on international financial institutions and globalization to various groups. Arimbi is one of the founders of the NGO Forum on ADB, a forum for organizations and community groups spread across Asian, European and American countries that oversee projects and monitor Asia Development Bank policies (ADB)

As’ad Nugroho | Member

As’ad Nugroho adalah ahli di bidang Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), bisnis berkelanjutan dan Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Saat ini aktif sebagai konsultan di berbagai perusahaan, baik BUMN maupun swasta nasional dan multi nasional. Pernah aktif di berbagai lembaga pengkajian kebijakan publik dan pengembangan usaha kecil di tingkat nasional. Dia juga menulis sejumlah buku tentang kebijakan publik dan filantropi di Indonesia.

As’ad Nugroho is an expert in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable business and Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Currently active as a consultant in various companies, both state-owned and national and multi-national private companies. He has been active in multiple public policy assessment institutions and small business development at the national level. He also wrote some books on public policy and philanthropy in Indonesia.

Tubagus Haryo Karbyanto | Member

Tubagus Haryo Karbyanto adalah seorang pengacara publik untuk pengendalian tembakau dan isu-isu Hak Asasi Manusia. Saat ini Tubagus menjabat sebagai Wakil Ketua Umum Bidang Umum Forum Warga Jakarta (FAKTA) dan anggota divisi Bidang Hukum dan Advokasi di Komisi Nasional Pengendalian Tembakau. Sebagai koordinator dari Solidaritas Advokat Publik untuk Pengendalian Tembakau (SAPTA). Tubagus adalah anggota Board LBH Pers. Tubagus banyak memberikan pandangan di media massa terkait dengan intervensi industri rokok dalam legislasi di Indonesia.

Tubagus Haryo Karbyanto is a public lawyer for tobacco control and human rights issues. At present Tubagus is the Deputy General Chairperson of the General Affairs of the Jakarta Citizens’ Forum (FACT) and a member of the Division of Legal Affairs and Advocacy at the National Tobacco Control Commission. As the coordinator of the Solidarity of Public Advocates for Tobacco Control (SAPTA). Tubagus is a member of the LBH Press Board. Tubagus gave many views in the mass media related to the cigarette industry intervention in legislation in Indonesia.

Our Team
Fabby Tumiwa | Executive Director

Fabby Tumiwa has been working extensively on energy and climate change issues for more than fifteen years. His expertise is in energy policy and regulation, renewable energy technology and economics and organizational development. He has been carrying out studies and analysis on energy and electricity policies in Indonesia and global level.

Fabby writes his thoughts in a number of articles in media and speaks at various forums at national and international level. Fabby is a member of the Indonesian delegation for the International conference on climate change and provides analysis and inputs related to funding and mitigation actions. He is a member of the climate finance and international negotiation working group on the national climate change council, a member of the Indonesian Climate Change Trust Fund (ICCTF) and a member of the Sumba Iconic Island taskforce under the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources. Fabby was a fellow of LEAD (Cohort 12) and and Eisenhower in 2009.

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Kharina Dhewayani | Administrative and Finance Manager

Prior her arrival at IESR, Kharina worked as tax company auditor in Indonesian Tax Office in North Sumatera, then she moved to Germany to work as administration staff at AWO in Duisburg, North Rhein Westfallen. After that, she came back to Indonesia and joined with the INGO, her responsibility includes auditing and budget monitoring for more than 35 local NGOs in Sumatra.

She holds a Diploma degree from Sekolah Tinggi Akuntansi Negara (STAN) majoring in Indonesia Taxes Law, a Bachelor degree from University of Sumatra Utara majoring in Economic Accounting and a Master degree from University of Mercu Buana, Jakarta.

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Erina Mursanti | Green Economy Program Manager

Erina start Joining IESR in January 2008 as the program officer for the access to energy and climate change. She had been actively involved in some research and developing networking with CSOs and practitioners in energy and climate change.

Erina graduated from University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics and continued her study in major of sustainable resource management and took a Master degree from Technische Universität München (TUM), Munich, Germany. During her study she also involved in some research of her university and worked in Ethiopia to deepening her knowledge in natural resource management.

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Marlistya Citraningrum | Sustainable Energy Access Program Manager

Citra, as she is usually called, manages partnership with diverse ministries and government agencies, civil society organizations, association, communities, as well as general public in promoting Indonesia’s transition towards a cleaner, more inclusive, and more sustainable energy system. She also performs research and other advocacy activities on energy and gender issues, energy decentralization, and SDGs. Since 2017, Citra is heavily involved in Indonesian Solar Association (ISA), of which IESR is one of its founding members. One of her work with Energy Innovation, WRI, and WRI Indonesia: Energy Policy Simulator (EPS), has been recognized as finalist in Fast Company’s Second Annual World Changing Ideas – an awarding platform for policies, projects, and concepts offering innovative solutions to global challenges.

Prior to joining IESR in June 2016, Citra works in community development sectors, in which she gained comprehensive experience on behavioural assessment, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, and multistakeholders engagement.

She holds a PhD from Taiwan Tech with research focus on environmental management. She particularly likes the use of storytelling in research, giving backgrounds and meanings to present hard evidences.

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Jannata Giwangkara | Energy Transformation Program Manager

He has seven years of experience working in climate change, energy, and environment issues.

Before joining with IESR in 2017, Egi – his nickname, previously worked as Low Emission Development Strategy (LEDS) Coordinator at Indonesia Clean Energy Development (ICED) Project USAID. Furthermore, He has also been worked as an individual consultant at UNDP Market Transformation through Design and Implementation of Appropriate Mitigation Actions in the Energy Sector (MTRE3) Project as well as GIZ Policy Advice for Environmental and Climate Change (PAKLIM).

His professional career began in the fourth year of his undergraduate studies in Bogor Agricultural Institute as an apprentice at the Indonesia National Council on Climate Change (DNPI). Egi’s contribution to DNPI continued until June 2014 before he joined the USAID ICED Project. In 2016, Egi was awarded a New Zealand ASEAN Scholarship to undertake a postgraduate study at the University of Auckland. His Master of Energy focused on the energy, sustainability and environment studies.  In addition to the career, Egi is also a lecturer at Podomoro University.

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Gandabhaskara Saputra | Communications Coordinator

Ganda is in-charged of our Communication Strategy, Coordinating the Institute’s visibility in a broader sense; engaging to Government, Public, and relevant CSOs. Prior to his arrival with IESR, Ganda has 10 years of professional experience in the field of communication, social media public and community relations, Sound experiences in NPO Governmental, INGOs and NGO, and the ability of using modern technology for communication. Ganda’s experienced is including to work with the US Embassy in Jakarta, EU In Indonesia Delegation, and Green School Bali.  

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Hapsari Damayanti | Program Officer, Sustainable Programs

Hapsari focuses on sustainable energy access programs and partly for energy transition programs. prior her role at IESR, Hapsari was an energy facilitator for a remote village in the Mentawai Islands under the program of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, where she tried to educate and empower the community in utilizing government-sponsored PLTS collaboratively. Hapsari develops her interest in the field of renewable energy through experience in renewable energy service companies and handles projects on Solar PV Systems.

She graduated from environmental engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology. Since her college-life, she actively involved in community service related to environmental conservation behavior and participating in various local and international activities that discuss environmental issues and sustainable development. Hapsari loves to travel to exotic places in Indonesia.

Pamela Simamora | Renewable Energy Power System Specialist

As the Renewable Energy/Power System Specialist, Her work revolves around the generation, transmission, and storage technology assessments, power system and grid modeling, and grid integration study that would help prepare the state-owned utility in Indonesia (PLN) for integrating more renewables into the national grid.

Pamela is an experienced professional in the energy sector. She started her career as an engineer in a multinational oil & gas engineering company for more than two years before deciding to leave the industry as she learned about climate change. She also has experience in conducting a study of State Energy Plans in the United States. Her current interests include increasing the deployment of renewable energy and public awareness of climate change in Indonesia.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and a Master of Engineering in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering from Washington University, where she learned about renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and wind turbines. In her spare time, she loves to read books and get involved in volunteering activities.

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Deon Arinaldo | Energy Information Specialist; Researcher

Deon is responsible for managing information and data systems. He has extensive experience involving in research activities related to the themes of energy, electricity and climate change and economics in Indonesia.
He began his career in the coal mining industry and was responsible for implementing improvement projects at the company. He holds a master’s degree from RMIT University Australia and a bachelor’s degree at the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Agus P. Tampubolon | Energy Management Specialist; Researcher

Agus is responsible for research on energy efficiency, electricity systems, electric vehicles and energy transitions. Previously Agus worked as a project engineer assistant for an expansion project at a multinational nickel company in Sulawesi and had participated in several trainings related to mining management and held the First Operational Supervisor (POP) certificate. He holds a master’s degree from the Energy Conservation and Management (ECM) Hochschule Offenburg in Germany and a bachelor’s degree from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Julius Christian Adiatma | Clean Fuel Specialist; Researcher

Julius is responsible for research on the application of biofuel technology as a supporter of the energy transition agenda. Julius is an experienced professional in the renewable energy sector. Before joining IESR, Julius had been involved in various researches in the field of utilizing organic waste as an energy source in several organizations. Currently, he has an interest in the topic of sustainable biofuels development.

Julius obtained a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology and a Master of Science in biotechnology from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. After office hours Julius is also actively participating in several social movement organizations.

Melina Gabriella | Energy Economy Intern

Melina is a specialist in energy economics, responsible for research on energy economic policies and energy consumption behavior in Indonesia and internationally. Melina has just finished her master’s education at the Australian National University after previously earning a bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University.

Saidah | Administration Officer Assitant

Saidah is responsible for managing the financial and logistics administration system. She experienced in manage the organization’s financial operations, human resources, and logistical support for various activities organized by IESR with partners. The mother of three children began her career as a sales representative in several manufacturing companies for food and clothing products.

Bibit | Logistic Support

He handles offices procurement and logistics for the smooth running of the operation and activities of the organization primarily. He has skills in preparing inventory systems and partnership relationships with vendors.

Bibit began his career as an employee at a printing company and continued as a security and administration staff in a coalition of NGO institutions in Indonesia.