International Seminar: Global Energy Transition and the Future of Coal

Mar, 26 2019

Pengisi Acara : Dr. Ir. Ruandha Agung Sugardiman, M.Sc. - Dirjen. Pengendalian Perubahan Iklim, KLHK | Ir. Yudo Dwinanda Priaadi, M.S. - Staff Ahli ESDM Bidang Perencanaan Strategis

Tanggal Acara : April 01, 2019


The objectives of this seminar are:
1. Sharing result of the “Coal Phasing Out” study from some of the G20 countries (Indonesia, India, China, South Africa)
2. Sharing insight on the future of coal utilization in G20 countries (Indonesia, India, China, South Africa)
3. Facilitate active learning opportunities and knowledge exchange in integrating energy transition into G20 priorities agenda

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