[Updated Deadline] RFP – Market Survey on Rooftop Solar Adoption in Central Java and Bali

Mar, 31 2020

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Request for Proposal (RFP)
Market Survey on Rooftop Solar Adoption in Central Java and Bali

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), a think tank based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been working intensively to promote the acceleration of low carbon energy transition in Indonesia, through evidence-based policy advocacy. For the past 4 years, IESR also has been contributing significantly to mainstream solar energy issues in Indonesia, working with national and local governments, associations, and civil society organizations.

IESR is now working with several local governments in Indonesia to implement their Regional Energy Planning (Rencana Umum Energi Daerah/RUED). One of the workstreams would be providing data and analysis on the current state of rooftop solar interest and adaptation from multiple sectors: homeowners, commercial/business, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). To serve this purpose, IESR will conduct market surveys for several regions in Indonesia, focusing on Central Java and Bali, Indonesia. With this RFP, IESR is soliciting proposals from market research firms or institutions with extensive experience and portfolio, capable of conducting primary research to meet the project’s goal through quantitative research.    

See attached document for details.

[Updated] RFP submission deadline: 3 April 2020, 08 p.m. Indonesian Western Standard Time (WIB, GMT +0700)

IESR RFP Market Survey 2020 - Rooftop Solar Adoption in Central Java and Bali

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