Strategic Program 2008 – 2012

Access to
Electricity Governance Climate
Extractive Industries Transparency
Objective Institutional, regulation and policy development for ensuring energy access to the poor while maintaining energy  security (availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptability) are implemented Institutional, regulation and policy development for access to electricity supply in local and national are improved Institutional preparedness in localities for adequate adaptation to climate change is improved Institutional change and transparency of EI business process, including revenue management
Approach Policy advocacy and campaign on energy poverty; developing alternative energy scenario and policy instrument for energy security; sustainable energy project Advocacy Policy and regulation, institutional monitoring and intervention at national level, techno-economics analysis of electricity regulation Capacity development for adaptation in pilot project area through awareness raising of vulnerable group, and local administrations, advocating national climate policy, supporting national climate change institution Policy and regulation, institutional monitoring  and intervention at national policy level, capacity building for NGOs/CSO
Sub-Program (Activities) Advocating the Access to energy for the poor. Energy modeling for Alternative Policy support (LEAP), Renewable energy project for rural electrification. Governance monitoring using EGI indicator adapted to Indonesia context, Rapid response for policy and regulation, electricity law monitoring and campaign. Climate Change Adaptation for Cities, Low Carbon Development Strategy for Indonesia, Monitoring IFIs and Investment in Climate Change, participating International climate negotiation, capacity building and campaign. Policy monitoring, and intervention, training for CSO/NGOs on techno-economics of EI (oil and gas sector); promoting and strengthening EITI.