Icmi Safitri

Program Officer, Sustainable Energy Access

Icmi is responsible for assisting the Sustainable Energy Access Program to ensure regular communication with governments at different levels, universities, businesses, and commercials, local project partners, civil society organizations, and local communities. Under the direct supervision of the Program Manager, she helps develop a strategy for gathering learnings from the program.

Before joining IESR, Icmi was involved in research with the title “Social and Technical Study on Renewable Energy” at Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), UNDP project. She gained a lot of experience to empower rural people by promoting renewable energy. Along with her team, she has launched a book with the title “Transisi Energi Berbasis Komunitas di Kepulauan dan Wilayah Terpencil (Community-Based Energy Transition in Island and Remotes Areas)”. Icmi also concerns about Sustainable Development Goals issues, notably goal 7, Affordable and Clean Energy Access. She was involved as an author of a book, “70 UGM’s Best Practice for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”.

She was enthusiastic about clean-energy sociopreneurship, which encourages her to actively participate in pitch competitions. Icmi was a winner in The New Energy Nexus pitch competition idea. She was also a finalist at Climate Launchpad, a green business idea competition. Her idea is to empower local human resources through renewable energy.

She holds an M.Eng. from the Faculty of Engineering at UGM with a research focus on sustainable energy assessment.