Pamela Simamora

Research Coordinator • Renewable Energy/Power System Specialist

Pamela Simamora is research coordinator at the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR). As a research coordinator at an energy think tank, Pamela is responsible for managing research projects in the field of energy policy. Focusing on the issue of Indonesia’s energy transition, the research team that Pamela leads has conducted policy research on a variety of topics, including renewable energy, coal transition, biofuels, electric vehicles, energy efficiency, solar PV auctions, rural electrification, and roadmap for energy sector decarbonization. These studies are used as a basis for advocacy to policy makers to change the direction of energy policy in Indonesia towards a low-carbon energy system.

Apart from leading a team of seven specialists, Pamela is also responsible for monitoring both international and domestic energy market developments and is directly involved in research. Recently, Pamela was involved in a joint research between IESR, LUT University in Finland, and Agora Energiewende in Germany to provide a pathway to achieve zero emissions in Indonesia’s energy system by 2050 using 100% renewable energy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Bandung Institute of Technology and a Master of Engineering in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.