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Request for Proposal – Online Learning & Interactive Data Platform

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As part of IESR effort to increase public awareness and carry out capacity development for the masses, was launched by the end of 2020. The website is a one-stop service for all information regarding energy transition issues. The WordPress based site has a number of key features including glossarium, data visualization, agenda aggregator, and an online library containing publications, articles, and other forms of knowledge products.

In order to further deepen role in conducting capacity development, there’s a need to integrate an intuitive yet robust online learning platform. This will facilitate the public to access quality and credible courses through engaging and effective learning experiences with a focus on energy and environmental issues. In addition, an interactive data visualization tool is also needed to support the learning experience in the platform.

IESR is soliciting a service provider/experienced web developer to develop the Online Learning & Interactive Data platform.


The submission is due on November 19, 2021, 23.39 PM




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