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RFP – Virtual Event Conference Organizer & Production IETD

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Request for Proposal (RFP)
Virtual Event Conference Organizer & Production
Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue (IETD) 2020

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR), a think tank based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been working intensively to promote the acceleration of low carbon energy transition in Indonesia through evidence-based policy advocacy. In 2018, IESR initiated the establishment of the Indonesia Clean Energy Forum (ICEF). ICEF is a platform of a constructive and fact-based dialogue to enhance understanding of energy transition and sharing best practices on policy, regulatory, and institutional frameworks to support a just energy transition in the Indonesian power sector. ICEF’s core member comprises of 25 prominent individuals from various backgrounds: government institutions, businesses, utility, NGOs, and energy experts. Prof. Dr. Kuntoro Mangkusubroto, former minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of Indonesia and Head of Presidential Delivery Unit (UKP4), is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of ICEF. This group meets regularly to discuss policy issues under Chatham House rule and offer recommendations to key policymakers.

Through this process, IESR would like to investigate available platforms, technology, and event organizer that can conduct IETD 2020 virtually. Learning from two previous IETDs, daily participants were hundreds of people, and along with the event, the private/group’s networking and discussion were often. Therefore, even though IETD 2020 will be virtual, the event should be able to accommodate hundreds of active participants and can accommodate private/group networking and discussion.

With this Request for Proposal (RFP), IESR is soliciting proposals from event organizers or institutions with extensive experience and portfolio, capable of hosting, producing, and conducting virtual conferences hybrid – event (a combination of both offline and online seamlessly together). IESR will evaluate all the proposals submitted. Following a review of all submissions, IESR will select the firms/institutions that bring suitable expertise, most closely aligns with project objectives, and articulates a clear, achievable research plan to meet those objectives within the required timeframe.

See the attached document for details

RFP Virtual Event Platform - Indonesia Energy Transition Dialogue (IETD) 2020_FINAL


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