Bisnis | Accelerate Electric Vehicle Ecosystem, State Electricity Company Must Expand Public Electric Vehicle Charging Station Fast Charging

The Executive Director of the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) Fabby Tumiwa encourages State Electricity Company and the private sector to expand the development of fast charging public electric vehicle charging stations to accelerate the development of the electric vehicle ecosystem. He considered that expanding the range of fast-charging stations on the road network and between cities and between provinces will have an impact on increasing public interest in owning electric vehicles

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Suara | Homework to Make the Energy Transition Come true

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) Executive Director Fabby Tumiwa said talks about energy transition from dirty energy to renewable energy began to rise in 2021, thus influencing several policies. Among other things, the government announced a plan to achieve decarbonization by 2060, no more coal power plants construction, and plans to retire the coal power plants early. Then, the government determined that the portion of renewable energy was bigger than fossils in the 2021-2030 Electric Power Supply Business Plan

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