Abraham Octama Halim

Power System Analyst

Abraham Octama Halim, or Bram for short, is a Power System Analyst at IESR. As part of the research team, Bram conducts research and analysis focusing on the power system transition. The results of his research are then developed into recommendations or solutions that are technically and commercially feasible, all to further the efforts of the energy transition.

Bram graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung in 2017. His first working experience was in an electronics manufacturing company as part of the Research and Development team. A desire to contribute to the energy transition led him to pursue a Master’s degree in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology from The University of Manchester. He graduated in 2023, with his dissertation titled ‘Simulating the Output Characteristics of a Solar Photovoltaic Module with a Modified Five-parameter Model in Simulink’ being awarded as an Exceptional Project Work. Bram was also the Best Performing Student in the taught element of the program. After his master’s studies, Bram worked as a Solar Technical Engineer in a PV inverter company in London, where he managed solar power projects in the UK and Ireland, as well as advising clients using solar PV system models.

Outside of working hours, Bram enjoys good books, good food, and good music. He’s always open to recommendations.

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