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Central Java Stakeholder Gathering 2022


Since 2019, IESR and the Provincial Government of Central Java have continued to work together in the energy transition sector. There is a significant positive impact from the cooperation that has been carried out, in 2022, IESR and the Provincial Government of Central Java will renew their collaboration which is marked by the signing of a Joint Agreement on the Development of Renewable Energy for the Energy Transition. This is a form of multistakeholder institutional action to encourage Indonesia’s decarbonization system.

The contribution of religious parties, especially local governments, in supporting development that is oriented towards low carbon development and a green economy needs to be increased through various instruments, such as; policies and regulations, incentives, and some other supporting instruments to guarantee a just energy transition process. In addition, IESR also sees that regional policymakers and the general public have an important role in the smooth energy transition. Therefore, it is hoped that with the renewal and expansion of the scope of cooperation between IESR and the Provincial Government of Central Java, it is hoped that various policy stakeholders can work together in supporting the energy transition and regional decarbonization.

The expansion of the scope of cooperation as outlined in the joint agreement document (KSB) covers the energy, industrial and environmental sectors. The energy sector together with the Department of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) on increasing the mix of renewable energy, especially solar energy. The industrial sector together with the Industry and Trade Service (Disperindag) to increase the implementation of renewable energy in the industrial sector. The environmental sector together with the Environment and Forestry Service (DLHK) reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the management of waste and waste into renewable energy. In addition, the expansion of the scope of cooperation also involves Regional Owned Enterprises (BUMD), and Central Java Petro Energi (JPEN) to accelerate the construction of PLTS in Central Java.

IESR work plans and programs with each Regional Apparatus Organization (OPD) of Central Java Province have been prepared and compiled in the 2022 KSB update. Several approaches and initial studies have been carried out and discussed together to obtain an up-to-date picture of the energy transition landscape in the regions to develop a plan of directed action and an equitable transition at the local level.

Considering the continuity and smoothness of plans and work programs on renewing cooperation between IESR and OPD of Central Java Province, it requires a strong commitment from various parties as a manifestation of the contribution of the role of local government in integrating energy transition issues into regional development plans. input, collaboration, and participation from various parties are widely open to push the energy transition agenda in the regions.

Therefore, IESR in collaboration with the Provincial Government of Central Java will carry out dialogue and public dissemination with related stakeholders under the title “Central Java Stakeholder Gathering 2022” to strengthen commitment, roles and joint responsibilities for implementing work plans and programs as well as a form of dissemination local government in encouraging community participation in the energy transition.


  1. Presentation of the progress of the cooperation between IESR and OPD Central Java Provincial Government.
  2. Presentation of activity plans in collaboration with IESR and OPD Central Java Provincial Government in 2023.
  3. Dissemination of local government commitments and best practices on energy transition by various parties and stakeholders.


Dec 08 2022


08:30 - 12:00

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