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Road to Youth Climate Conference Webinar: Climate Change, Industry and Lifestyle

Tayangan Tunda


The impacts of climate change have become a serious threat to the lives of children and youth. A study conducted by Save the Children in 2020 found that children born in 2020 experienced disasters 3.4 times more frequently than their grandparents born in 1960. The disasters involved climate change, such as heatwaves, droughts, forest fires, floods, and crop failures, putting additional pressure on the environment necessary for children’s growth and protection. Another study conducted by UNICEF highlighted that climate change is the biggest threat to children’s health, nutrition, education, and future.

On the other hand, the development of the industrial sector in recent decades has changed people’s lifestyles in many ways. From electronic goods to daily clothing. Unfortunately, environmentally unsound production and consumption activities often have adverse impacts on climate change. For example, the overuse of natural resources, deforestation due to industrial activities, and the development of fast fashion trends that encourage unsustainable consumption. In fact, the industrial sector alone accounts for 25% of global carbon emissions (UNEP, 2023). Therefore, it is necessary to make changes in mindset and daily behavior, especially for the younger generation, to reduce and mitigate the impact of climate change on the industrial sector and lifestyle.

This webinar aims to dig deeper into how climate change is caused by industry and the lifestyles of the general public, including those of young people. Through in-depth discussions, a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by young people in the context of climate change is expected. In addition, this webinar is also geared towards formulating solutions and concrete actions that can be taken by young people in building sustainable lifestyles and formulating innovations in industry to reduce negative impacts on the environment.


  • Discuss the impact of climate change on the industrial and lifestyle sectors.
  • Discuss the role of young people in mitigating the impacts of climate change on their lifestyle.



Peran Anak Muda dalam Mendorong Arah Perkembangan Industri Indonesia yang Berkelanjutan – Faricha Hidayati




Mar 22 2024


15:30 - 16:40


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