Anggia Anggreswari Nur Hartiti

Program Staff CASE

Anggia joined IESR as a Program Officer for Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia (SEA). This project aims to change the narrative of the energy sector in Southeast Asia towards a fact and data-based energy transition, aiming to increase political ambition to comply with the Paris Agreement. Her duties are conducting research/policy briefs, executing CASE Indonesia’s sustainable energy finance activities, and assisting program development to achieve the targets and outputs of the CASE project for Southeast Asia.

Anggia has actively participated in several organizations or projects back in university. On her last project, Anggia working on the collaborative project between FISIPOL and the Faculty of Nursing UGM under the One Village One Nurse Program – a program designated to the optimization of village nurses in society, as it complies with Presidential Regulation No 88 Year 2021 to accelerate the national ageing strategy for elderly. As for the output, Anggia made a module that was being legalized from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

Anggia obtained her bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Management-International Undergraduate Programme (IUP PPM) from Universitas Gadjah Mada. Also participated in an exchange program from the University of Cologne, Germany, with a minor in social policy and economics. Anggia finished an online course focusing on global energy and climate policy, climate change and sustainable investing, and principles of sustainable finance.

Anggia is passionate about indoor cycling and has made it a habit to do it at least twice a week. She also enjoys reading particularly self-improvement books and likes to watch Formula 1.

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