Dr. Marlistya Citraningrum

Program Manager • Sustainable Energy Access

Marlistya Citraningrum (Citra) spearheads IESR’s work on creating an enabling ecosystem for inclusive, sustainable energy access for all – a manifestation of energy democracy. This includes advancing solar energy discourse and policy works, driving narratives for high-quality energy access beyond connections, and growing SolarHub Indonesia by IESR – a one-stop solar energy platform. Within the scope, she manages partnership and engages heavily with diverse ministries and government agencies, civil society organizations, associations, communities, as well as the public. She also performs analysis and research on energy and gender issues, energy decentralization, and SDGs.

Since 2017, Citra has been involved closely in the Indonesian Solar Association (ISA/AESI), in which IESR has been active since its early establishment – and for 2021 – 2024, she is Vice Chairperson for Organizational Development and Outreach. One of her work with Energy Innovation, WRI, and WRI Indonesia: Energy Policy Simulator (EPS), has been recognized as a finalist in Fast Company’s Second Annual World-Changing Ideas – an awarding platform for policies, projects, and concepts offering innovative solutions to global challenges. Since 2018, she sits on the Coordination Group of ACCESS Coalition (Alliance of CSOs for Clean Energy Access), an international coalition of CSOs working to fasten global transition to clean energy.

Citra joined IESR in June 2016. Before that, Citra works in community development sectors, in which she gained comprehensive experience in behavioural assessment, facilitation, monitoring and evaluation, and multi-stakeholder engagement.

She holds a PhD from Taiwan Tech with a research focus on environmental management. She particularly likes the use of storytelling in research, giving backgrounds and meanings to present hard evidence.