Fadhil Ahmad Qamar

Project Staff for Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy (CASE)

Fadhil works as project staff for the Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia (SEA) project, a project that aims to change the narrative of the energy sector in Southeast Asia towards a fact- and data-based energy transition, which aims to increase political ambition to comply with the Paris Agreement. His main duties are conducting research/baseline studies, providing analysis for supporting data, writing working papers, presentations, and publication materials, and assisting program development to achieve CASE project targets and outputs for Southeast Asia.

Fadhil started his career by working as an expert for members of the Indonesian Parliament, at Commission VII in charge of Energy, Research and Innovation, and Industry. He contributed to the drafting of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Bill. Previously he had worked as a part-time researcher at the Indonesian Energy Academy in the Netherlands while pursuing his postgraduate education. In addition to the renewable energy sector, he also has an interest in energy efficiency in buildings. Fadhil holds a green building consultant license issued by the Green Building Council Indonesia.

Fadhil holds a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Energy Technology from the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, with a focus on wind energy, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universitas Gadjah Mada. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and freelancing as a graphic designer.