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IESR in KemBali Becik: The Role of Rooftop Solar PV Adoption in Bali’s Tourism Business

Peran Adopsi PLTS Atap terhadap Bisnis Pariwisata di Bali

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Bali, July 21, 2023 – As part of the joint effort and commitment towards a clean Bali, post-pandemic economic recovery, and addressing the challenges of the climate crisis, Purpose Climate Lab presents KemBali Becik as one of the solutions for recovery. The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) is also participating in the KemBali Becik Campaign in 2023, held in Ketewel Village, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali on Friday, July 21, 2023. The event carries the theme “Stand out in the market by standing up for sustainability.”

KemBali Becik serves as a collaborative platform involving various sectors in Bali, with the word “Kembali” meaning “return” in Indonesian, and “becik” translating to “good” in Balinese. KemBali Becik aims to engage the Government, businesses, and the Balinese community as drivers of economic decarbonization, particularly by implementing climate solutions in the tourism industry. During this event, an assessment and capacity building session are conducted for tourism businesses registered on KemBali Becik’s green page. The capacity building aims to assist these businesses in implementing concrete actions to ensure their sustainability in terms of food waste, energy, and transportation.

In her opening speech, Michelle Winowatan, Strategy Manager at PCL, emphasizes the importance of embracing sustainability to support the progress of Bali’s business and tourism sector.

“By mobilizing the tourism businesses and raising awareness among tourists to participate in supporting green recovery efforts in the tourism sector, we can build a collective force to decarbonize the economy and realize an environmentally friendly and economically resilient Bali,” says Michelle.

Alvin Putra Sisdwinugraha, Researcher of Power Systems and Renewable Energy at IESR, hopes that the event’s attendees, mostly business stakeholders, will increasingly recognize and understand the significance of sustainable, eco-friendly energy in influencing various aspects of long-term business sustainability.

“Climate solutions are integral to the business sector. Besides being profitable, businesses must also be sustainable to attract ESG-based (environment, social, and government) investments in clean energy. From an energy perspective, adopting rooftop solar PV (PLTS) is one of the long-term solutions, offering benefits in terms of electricity consumption cost savings, as many PLTS providers offer cheaper rates compared to PLN’s electricity prices. Practicing sustainability can also attract investor investments in local Bali businesses,” mentioned Alvin.

On this occasion, IESR introduces the Solar Hub platform for business stakeholders who wish to learn more about rooftop solar PV. Many have tried this platform, and some have expressed interest in installing rooftop solar PV.

“I hope that over time, more people will be interested in adopting rooftop solar PV as one of the measures to reduce emissions and utilize renewable energy in Bali’s business sector,” says Alvin.

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