Malindo Wardana

Sustainable Energy Transition in Indonesia Program Manager

Malindo Wardana or Mal is working for IESR as a project manager for the Sustainable Energy Transition in Indonesia (SETI) project. His responsibility is to design and execute activities related to decarbonization and increasing energy efficiency in the built environment. Mal collaborates with government agencies at both central and city levels, companies and non-profit organizations.

Before working at IESR, Mal pursued a master’s degree in energy systems at the University of Melbourne. While on campus, Mal partook in the Wattle Fellowship, a co-curricular program focusing on sustainability advocacy. In the fellowship, he became interested in sustainable lifestyles and energy transition. With the grant from the fellowship, Mal and his seven colleagues built Chata Charya (Instagram: @chata_charya), a non-profit organization focusing on children education and sustainable lifestyles.

Before studying for a graduate degree, Mal worked as a field service engineer at NOV Rig Solutions in Singapore for 9 years. At that time, Mal served the Asia, Australia and Africa regions and was responsible for the drill floor equipment and crane. He worked with international teams on the installation, commissioning, and re-certification projects. Besides that, he worked part-time as a business developer for Jalan Jalan Toraja, a company he built in 2016. His main task was managing social media, promoting services, and creating posters or content in social media with Canva. Mal studied mechanical engineering at Nanyang Technological University prior to working full-time.

Mal loves applying technical knowledge to everyday life, especially in the energy, agriculture, and farming. He is an active user of EnergyPlus, PVSyst, System Advisor Model (SAM) and is learning LEAP and Plexos now. In his free time, Mal loves everything about design, chatting with people on everything, doing sports, and visiting festivals and exhibitions.

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