Muhammad Dhifan Nabighdazweda

Energy Analyst

Muhammad Dhifan Nabighdazweda or can be called Dhifan works in supporting the implementation of studies / research / platforms from IESR which includes: writing articles and content, making study presentations, collecting, processing, and visualizing data, compiling databases, and others.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UGM, with a specialization in Mineral Processing.

Previous experience has worked as Jr. Process Engineer as an engineering consultant based in Jakarta for oil and gas companies.

Active in volunteering in outside projects, with experience helping organizations such as Student Energy, New Energy Nexus Vietnam, Sync.Institute, and ClimaTalk.

Outside of work, Dhifan has experience playing music (piano, guitar, bass) in orchestras and bands, and is currently playing badminton and table tennis.

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