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Navigating Climate Change Issues in the 2024 Election

Communication Guide for Politicians

This book was published by the Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub (MCCCRH) Indonesia Node.

The publication of this book was made possible by thought and content contributions from the Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) and the Clean, Affordable, and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia (CASE) Program, Climateworks Centre Indonesia, as well as administrative support from Monash University, Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub (MCCCRH), and Monash University, Indonesia.

The urgency to address climate change has never been greater, and politicians hold a critical position in communicating impactful and evidence-based narratives to diverse audiences.

The main objective of “Confronting Climate Change in the 2024 Elections: A Communication Guide for Politicians” is to assist politicians in gaining a higher percentage of votes in the upcoming 2024 elections by providing a climate change narrative with up-to-date scientific information and effectively countering disinformation related to climate change.

The phenomenon of climate change has a great influence on political behavior, while misconceptions can influence public perception and thus impact future policy decisions.

This book provides an overview of the latest scientific research on climate change, such as rising sea levels in Indonesia and global temperatures in June–August 2023, the hottest summer in 174 years.

The book also underscores the importance of collaborative efforts with stakeholders, including the media, in advocating climate change issues. In addition, the book discusses the most effective methods to effectively communicate climate change issues to diverse voters (ranging from voters with strong religious beliefs to voters with no religious beliefs).
The book also discusses the most effective methods for communicating climate change issues effectively to diverse audiences (ranging from voters with strong religious beliefs to housewives) and presents case studies of political campaigns that have achieved success in this regard.

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