Rakanda Alfatah Rachmad

Digital Media Designer

Raka works as a Digital Media Designer at IESR to provide support in all matters related to visuals to assist IESR in accelerating the energy transition. Previously he worked as a designer at an institution called Desantara which was engaged in environmental issues.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication Design from Paramadina University, he pursued his passion for social issues and matters related to visuals by directing several documentaries. Most recently, he directed a documentary entitled “Stories from Sulawesi” which was published on the Watchdoc Documentary YouTube channel. He tried to tell about the practice of appropriating the living space of the low class through a complex web of extractive industry regulation. For him, film or audio-visual is the most effective medium for conveying messages, not only in terms of story but also various details often not missed by the audience.

Reading books and discussing is a must to fill his spare time.

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