Oct, 8 2019

In July 2019, IESR marked the launch of its newest publication series: Powering the Cities. This series is aimed to look deeper in how cities,

Aug, 3 2019

This paper will discuss the possibilities of energy transition in Indonesia, particularly the transition from coal-fired power plants while also considering the implications to coal

Aug, 1 2019

Do you know that people in Surabaya tend to like cool, trendy things? And that they also care much for the environment? Find out what

Jul, 30 2019

Government of Indonesia has set the target for solar deployment at 6.5 GW cumulative installed capacity of solar by 2025. General Planning for National Energy

Jul, 30 2019

We understand that Indonesia’s solar energy is often given the term “massive, but untapped”. But how massive is massive? We decided to calculate technical potential

Jul, 30 2019

Author: Pamela Simamora, Hapsari Damayanti, Julius Christian Adiatma Melina Gabriella What makes India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, and Brazil see record-low solar generation costs in

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