Apr, 22 2020

This paper – The Role of Electric Vehicles in Decarbonizing Indonesia’s Road Transport Sector – is produced as a part of work of Climate Transparency,

Jan, 1 2020

This study aims to understand what is the cost of generating electricity from renewables and fossil in Indonesia using an LCOE tool developed by IESR

Dec, 17 2019

The clean energy development in 2019 was, to some extent, in line with our analysis in the previous ICEO. Overall, our review shows that the

Nov, 28 2019

The Levelized Cost of Electricity in Indonesia. This is a Teaser Document

Nov, 28 2019

IESR – Levelized Cost of Electricity di Indonesia saat ini. Laporan ini merupakan sebuah teaser document

Nov, 27 2019

Studi ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui kebutuhan investasi di sektor penyediaan energi primer dan transformasi energi dalam upaya untuk mencapai target-target yang ada di dalam RUEN