Connecting individuals and communities to the clean energy resources is essential to raising awareness and creating a multiplier effect towards low carbon energy transition. In Indonesia, access to credible, legit, and up-to-date, clean energy resources is still a challenge. In response, IESR develops the Clean Energy Resource Hub as a hub to support public outreach and campaign on the issue by CSOs and CBOs at the national and local level. All information under the center also open to the general public.

The hub shall make information on Indonesia energy policy and its analysis available and accessible to civil society, conduct specialized training and other type capacity building on clean energy for CSOs and CBOs, and provide assistance to local CSOs. Main activities in this work package include identifying potential partners, developing and managing web-based one-stop information on clean energy, as well as promoting the results of the program.

Clean Energy Resource Hub is a program managed under the Energy and Power System Transformation