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Short Course Program: The Dynamics of New and Renewable Energy in the Global South

In collaboration with FISIPOL International Short Course 2021 – The Dynamics of New and Renewable Energy in the Global South organized by Global Engagement Office UGM, IESR proudly supports and inviting all the interested stakeholders to apply for the course!

As our world becomes increasingly vulnerable due to the impact of climate change, a switch towards a clean energy economy has become more urgent than ever. Today, the Global South has moved rapidly towards new and renewable energy generation. Its multidimensional opportunities have prompted the developing economics to do more—and fast—to strengthen their capacities to switch to new and renewable energy. This program presents a comprehensive overview of the dynamics and trends of new and renewable energy development in the Global South. Through this program, participants will be introduced to the role of new and renewable energy in global sustainable development, and in particular, the Global South. Participants will also explore the multi-dimensional challenges and opportunities facing the Global South: socio-political dynamics; environmental impacts; potential innovations involved and their prospects.


Agu 23 2021 - Sep 16 2021


08:00 - 18:00

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  • Fabby Tumiwa
    Fabby Tumiwa

    Fabby Tumiwa adalah ahli energi, kelistrikan dan perubahan iklim. Fabby terlibat aktif di berbagai gerakan sosial dan jaringan regional maupun internasional

  • Marlistya Citraningrum
    Marlistya Citraningrum
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