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Green Jobs: Solar Energy and the Future after the Pandemic


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As global pandemic continues, many traditional sectors have suffered. Both companies and workers have been strengthening their resolve to find alternative outlets for their entrepreneurial drive. As unemployment spikes, green jobs provide an exciting alternative to our shared future. Join our discussion with the experts to learn more about how the environment and the economy can complement each other in the coming new normal!

Fabby Tumiwa Executive Director, IESR
Satrio Swandiko Prilianto Renewable Energy Campaigner Greenpeace Indonesia
Dr. Hanny J. BerchmansSenior Clean Energy Project Development Specialist of ICED USAID
Anggita Septia PradiptaHead of Marketing PT SUN
Fainta NegoroSustainability and Partnership Lead of Multi Bintang Indonesia

Moderated by: Andreas Pandu Wirawan, Asosiasi Energi Surya Indonesia (AESI)

Co – organized by AESI and atamerica

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