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In the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan, there are five priority activities in low-carbon development. The five activities are sustainable energy development, sustainable land restoration, waste management, green industry development, and low-carbon coastal and marine. Unfortunately, the state budget for these activities is limited.

From the records of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), the need for low-carbon development funding per year in Indonesia is ideally IDR 306 trillion. Currently, the government only budgeted Rp 23 trillion to Rp 34 trillion per year. There is a wide gap in financing this low-carbon development.

In fact, it is projected that there will be the absorption of 4.4 million “green” jobs available in low-carbon development in Indonesia. Of the five priority activities above, if implemented, the potential contribution to the national economy in 2030 will reach nearly IDR 600 trillion.

The in-depth report of Kompas daily and the preparation of a book in collaboration with IESR (INSTITUTE FOR ESSENTIAL SERVICES REFORM) aims to describe the actual conditions of energy transition in the field. The report is compiled in a book, while the discussion that will be held aims to:

  • Inspire the country that there are already many business people and community members who are able to replace fossil energy with renewable energy.
  • Discuss various obstacles that have occurred in the field in realizing the national energy mix target.
  • Providing input and recommendations to all stakeholders in an effort to achieve Indonesia’s readiness in transitioning to renewable energy.
  • Discuss the contents of the book compiled


Apr 21 2021


08:00 - 18:00
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