RFP – Economic and Development Assessment in Coal – Producing Region (Lahat)

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) is a think-tank in the field of energy and environment. IESR encourages transformation into a low-carbon energy system by advocating a public policy that rests on data-driven and scientific studies, conducting capacity development assistance, and establishing strategic partnerships with non-governmental actors. As part of IESR effort to increase public and government awareness and carry out studies to the decision maker, currently, IESR is conducting social and economic research in the coal region in Indonesia. This study aims to provide recommendations to the government on other potential economic sectors besides coal and natural resources in order to create new green employment.

In order to have a comprehensive analysis of the economic sector, IESR sees the opportunity to develop other sectors that support low-carbon economic growth at the sub-national level. The implication of global coal decline is predicted to impact the economic system, not only at the local but also at the provincial level. Determining potential sectors to be developed needs accurate calculation and analysis to decide which one suits the most with the local characteristics and government plans. Thus, IESR needs a comprehensive assessment of the effect of energy transition on the local economy and the opportunity presented particularly in promoting renewable energy development and circular economy.

Proposals will be accepted until 24:00 Indonesian Western Standard Time (WIB, GMT+07) on Wednesday,  27 September 2023. Any proposal received after the deadline will be regarded as inadmissible. Please kindly send the proposal to Program Manager Sustainable Energy Access IESR, Marlistya Citraningrum, at citra@iesr.or.id and cc: rizqi@iesr.or.id for inquiries and submissions.  Please include “RFP Response – Economic and Development Assessment (Lahat)” in the email subject.


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RFP – Event Organizer Hybrid Seminar Just Energy Transition – Coal Transition Impact

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) will host a seminar and launch and socialize the Coal Transition Impact Tracker (CTIC) platform to the public. IESR is looking for a professional hybrid event organizing vendor (a combination of offline and online) for the Hybrid Seminar and Launch of Coal Transition Impact Tracker (CTIC).

Proposals will be accepted until 24:00 Indonesian Western Standard Time (WIB, GMT+07) on Wednesday,  13 September 2023. Any proposal received after the deadline will be regarded as inadmissible. Please kindly send the proposal to Energy Transformation Program through email deon@iesr.or.id and cc: uliyasi@iesr.or.id (communication manager, IESR) and falah@iesr.or.id  (program officer, IESR). Please include “RFP Response – EO CITC 2023” in the email subject.

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Request for Proposal – Media Monitoring Tools and Services

Project Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy (CASE) for Southeast Asia has the objective of changing the narrative of the energy sector in Southeast Asia to substantially shift towards an evidence-based energy transition, aiming to increase political ambition to comply with the Paris Agreement.

Indonesia has massive renewable potential in the region, yet the political and economic interests in the region continue to favor fossil fuels. Despite the target to increase its renewables capacity to 45 GW by 2025 as stipulated in the National Energy Plan (RUEN), the renewables development is sluggish with renewables installed capacity in 2022 only reaching around 12.5 GW.

To accelerate the energy transition in Indonesia, the media plays an important role. The hype of energy transition is happening not only because the impact of climate change is already here, but also the size of the audience and available media channels are simply enormous. Media also is an active participant in the policy making process due to its ability to stimulate change or maintain the status quo depends on their choice of subject or policy issue and how they frame it

CASE Indonesia is looking for a media monitoring consultancy to provide services to monitor media in Indonesia according to CASE Indonesia’s needs. The consultancy will provide these services under the close monitoring of the CASE Indonesia team, represented by GIZ Indonesia and IESR.

We are providing the bidders with an Aanwijzing that will be conducted on 31st July 2023. Should the bidders have questions to clarify, please kindly join the short call. Please send email to Agus Tampubolon, CASE Indonesia Project Manager (agus@iesr.or.id) and put Uliyasi Simanjuntak, Communications Manager,(uliyasi@iesr.or.id) and Immakulata Soraya, Communications Officer (immakulata@iesr.or.id) in the CC if you want to participate in the Aanwijzing.

Proposals will be accepted until 10:00 p.m. Indonesian Western Standard Time (WIB, GMT+0700), Friday, 11 August 2023. Kindly send the proposal to Agus (agus@iesr.or.id) with the subject: RFP Media Monitoring – CASE IESR

RFP Energy Monitoring Equipment Installation for Bali NZE 2045

One of the benchmarks in determining the Bali NZE 2045 road map, especially in the electricity sector, is the level of electricity consumption in the household sector. Therefore, a device is needed to monitor relatively large amounts of energy consumption, namely for 100 houses. Thus, in installing this monitoring tool, a service provider is required with expertise in installing smart energy meters, and smart plugs, and connecting these components to the internet network. Through this Request For Proposal (RFP), IESR is looking for a professional consultant to provide related installation services.

Proposals for this activity will be accepted until 17.00 WIB on Monday, 28 August 2023. Please submit the proposal to the IESR Sustainable Energy Access Program Manager via email at citra@iesr.or.id, cc: rizqi@iesr.or.id with the subject: RFP Response: Penyedia Jasa Perangkat Monitoring Energy untuk Bali NZE 2045 – Proposal dari [nama perusahaan] Questions and clarifications can be sent to the same email address.

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