Rahmi Puspita Sari

Sustainable Mobility Analyst

Rahmi is a Sustainable Mobility Analyst in IESR. She holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from Universitas Indonesia (2017) and recently completed a master’s degree in environmental engineering from the Technical University of Munich. Her master’s program focused on electric mobility, specializing in the life cycle analysis of logistic fleets and comprehensive impact assessments of sustainable mobility strategies in Munich City.

Rahmi gained practical experience as a research assistant at both the Technical University of Munich and the Transport Research Laboratory at Universitas Indonesia. She also worked as an engineer at UP2M TSL Universitas Indonesia, where she handled transportation-related projects, notably in disaster risk management and transportation demand analysis.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rahmi leads an active lifestyle and engages in various sports activities. Additionally, she spends her spare time reading books, traveling, and painting.

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