Cirata Floating Solar PV Plant Ready to Operate: Important Milestone for Accelerating Solar Energy Development to Decarbonize Electricity in Indonesia

Jakarta, November 9, 2023 - Cirata floating photovoltaic (PV) power plant located in Cirata Reservoir, West Java, with a capacity of 145 MW(ac) or 195 MW(p), has been inaugurated today. This event marks an important milestone for Indonesia as it is now home to the largest floating solar power plant in Southeast Asia, surpassing the…

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Low Carbon Development Acceleration Requires Target and Strategy Synergy

Jakarta, August 10, 2023 - Sustainable development with minimal emissions is believed to be the key to lifting Indonesia out of the middle-income trap it has been in for 30 years (1993-2022) and transitioning towards a developed country. The Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) urges the Indonesian government to set ambitious, measurable emissions reduction…

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Indonesia-South Korea Golden Jubilee: Advancing Bilateral Cooperation through Green Energy Partnership Toward Sustainable Energy Transition

Background The diplomatic relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the Republic of Korea have been established since 1973. Since then, the two countries have continued to increase and improve their relations through bilateral, regional, and multilateral cooperation (Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia in Seoul), e.g. The ASEAN – Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA),…

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