Erina Mursanti

Manajer Program • Ekonomi Hijau

Erina Mursanti (Erina) manages the Green Economy program enabling Indonesia’s economy transitions, whereas the economy grows with environment protection at the same time. She is an experienced consultant accomplishing insightful analysis and policy review of energy and climate change issues in Indonesia. Under this program, she is managing a range of projects related to efficiency energy, renewable energy, and also climate change mitigation.

Finishing a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Resource Management from the Technical University of Munich enables her to understand the complete picture of renewable resources (including energy) and climate change. Her analysis and policy review is enriched with her Bachelor’s Degree in economics, majoring in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics, from the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. Working with partners (including international organisations) as well as delivering technical assistance to government agencies/ministries showing Erina’s capability to establish a network with a wide-range of multi-stakeholders. She is currently a member of the Steering Group of Climate Transparency since 2018.

Some of Erina’s researches and activities (from the latest):

  1. Brown to Green Report
  2. Paris Agreement’s Implication on Coal Power Plant in Indonesia
  3. Indonesia’s Coal Dynamics: Toward A Just Energy Transition
  4. 10 GW Energy Efficiency Plan for Indonesia
  5. Global Industrial Energy Efficiency Accelerator
  6. Identification and Development of Business Cases for Off-Grid Energy Sector in Central and East Kalimantan
  7. Energy Policy Simulator
  8. Promoting Low-Carbon Development in Indonesia by Supporting Renewable Energy Regulatory Reform
  9. Enabling Private Investments in Climate Change Actions in Indonesia
  10. Indonesia Energy Access Landscape Study
  11. Regional Framework on Extractive Industries Governance
  12. Artisanal and Small Scale Mining