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Igniting A Rapid Deployment of Renewable Energy in Indonesia

Author: Pamela Simamora, Erina Mursanti,
Jannata Giwangkara, Deon Arinaldo, Agus Praditya Tampubolon, Julius Christian Adiatma

Germany, China, and India have gone a long way to becoming the world’s foremost countries in developing renewable energy. What are the challenges and obstacles they face in transforming toward the clean energy systems, reformation on market t and the electricity industry?

“IGNITING A RAPID DEPLOYMENT OF RENEWABLE ENERGY IN INDONESIA: Lessons Learned from Three Countries is an in-depth study conducted by the IESR research team to analyze the policy framework prepared by these countries to encourage the development of massive renewable energy. And what is the lesson can be learned by Indonesia, which is currently still in its initial steps to develop renewable energy?

This study also found that there were similarities and enabling environment created that caused the development of renewable energy in Germany, China and India to develop rapidly, namely:

  • There is a strong commitment from the leadership at the national and regional levels in supporting the development of renewable energy
  • There are policies that support each other in the development of renewable energy
  • There are flexible policies that adjust to the latest trends and market conditions
  • Integrated management in the power system
  • Focus on research and development of renewable energy,
  • Establishment of a funding instrument for incentives for renewable energy investment


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