Assessing Opportunities to Accelerate German-Indonesia Energy Transition Finance [EN]

This paper aims to shed light on the climate financing landscape in both Germany and Indonesia, with a primary focus on climate mitigation, particularly in the energy sector.

With regard to Germany, this paper provides an overview of Germany’s climate financing flows, structure, and international climate finance trends. Moreover, it also takes into account the recent political discourse in Germany as well as the geopolitical conditions that followed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the ensuing energy crisis in Europe. With regard to Indonesia, this paper provides an outlook on Indonesia’s climate mitigation targets and achievements, recent trends with regard to energy transition financing in the country, and potential avenues for further provision of international climate finance to support its energy transition.

By assessing climate financing trends in both countries, as well as recent developments and past precedents on energy cooperation between Germany and Indonesia, this briefing identifies key aspects of Indonesia’s energy transition that are in line with Germany’s priorities and highlights further entry points and opportunities to support the energy transition in Indonesia.

Climate Finance, Climate Mitigation, Energy Transition, Germany, Indonesia, Energy Cooperation