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We recommended you to read and understand the applied terms and conditions and the Privacy Policy related to your personal data and information before accessing this Site further. This Privacy Policy provides information about the protection of your personal data, and explains how we collect, use, share, and take actions to maintain the security and confidentiality of your data.



Each of the following words or terms used in this Privacy Policy has the following meanings, except if the word or term in question is expressly stated otherwise.

1.1. “We“, means Institute for Essential Services Reform as the owner and manager of the Site www.iesr,

1.2. “You” means everyone who accesses and uses the services provided by us.

1.3. “Services“, means each and all services and information contained on the Website www. iesr,, and is not limited to information provided, application services and features, data support, provided by us.

1.4. “User“, means that everyone who accesses and uses services provided by us, including Unsubscribed Users and Subscribed Users.

1.5. “Content“, means text, data, information, numbers, images, graphics, photos, audio, video, user names, information, applications, links, comments, ratings, designs, or other material displayed on the Site



We collect Personal Information about you as a User when accessing or using the Site in accordance with the REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY OF THE REPUBLIC OF INDONESIA NUMBER 20 OF 2016 CONCERNING PRIVATE DATA PROTECTION IN ELECTRONIC SYSTEM. Personal Information is data and / or information relating directly or indirectly to the User as self-identification. Personal information can be in the form of name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address. We also collect indirect, non-personally identifiable information that may be related to you as a User, including membership name, IP address and password, as well as other matters including achievement preferences and demographics. Your personal information is only used for related purposes that have been approved by the consumers.



We will collect some personal information as your identification as The Unregistered or the Registered User. We may also convey personal information to third party in terms of processing activities related to your submission to a particular product or service. By providing your personal information, it means that you understand and agree that you make your personal submission without any coercion or pressure from any party, and are only used for the above purposes.

In addition, we also use your personal information in our capacity to provide services to you for the following:

3.1. Give the access to you to be able to register for membership and participate in the Forum.

3.2. Allow you to be able to access and obtain renewable energy/energy transition information for free.

3.3. Improve the quality of services and information that we submit on the Site, using personal information as trend data, analysis, research samples, market research, and demographic data.

3.4. Allow us to be able to convey information about the latest study releases, or upcoming services that we will deliver on the Site.

3.5. Enable the Third Party to contact and help you when you are interested in a study and express interest by sending personal information to us.

3.6. Process transactions between you and the Third Party that requires personal information as verification and decision support data



We will keep your personal information confidentially and do not provide the information to or allow access by parties other than the following parties:

In most cases, cookies will be deleted when you close your browser; this is referred to as session cookies. However, cookies will remain on your browsing device until you delete them or they end. By using this Service, it means that you agree to use data cookies. This data does not disclose any personal information, and as such we do not collect, process or use your personal information.

You can change your computer’s browser settings to block or delete cookies. If you choose to block or delete our cookies, you may not be able to access our array of services and this can affect the performance of our Site on your system as a User.


  1. General
    • The use and access of this Site is governed by our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. By accessing or using this Site, it means that you have understood and agreed to all Terms and conditions applied in this Site.
    • We reserve the right to close or change or update this Privacy Policy at any time without notice, and have the right to make a final decision if there is no discrepancy. We are not responsible for damages of any kind arising from changes to the Privacy Policy.
    • If you still need answers to questions that are not contained in this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to reach us at our email: or our phone number: +6221-223230695.4. In addition, you can also read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we have prepared to answer general questions.

(updated on April 30, 2019, IESR Communications)