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About Us

Institute for Essential Services Reform (IESR) is a think-tank in the field of energy and environment, IESR encourage transformation into a low carbon energy system by advocating a public policy that rests on data-driven and scientific studies, conducting capacity development assistance, and establishing strategic partnerships with non-governmental actors


Working Group on Power Sector Restructuring (WGPSR) is the forerunner of IESR. WGPSR advocated for electricity sector reform in Indonesia after the financial crisis in 1998 and during the program of structural changes carried out by the Indonesian government with the support of the IMF and multilateral development banks. After that, WGPSR was highly involved in advocating policies and regulations on electricity tariffs, subsidies, and the electricity sector’s management.

This working group was the first civil society organization to encourage public participation in the formulation of policies and decisions in the Indonesian electricity sector, which was not sufficiently transparent at that time. Based on the results of an external evaluation conducted in 2006, WGPSR recommended not only to work in the electricity sector but also to continue working on broader energy issues and their impacts on the environment.

In 2007, WGPSR was officially registered as a new organization called the Institute for Essential Services Reform.

Vision and Mision


Building a world that is better, more sustainable, low-carbon oriented, and able to provide clean, sustainable energy for future generations.


Encouraging the acceleration of Indonesia’s energy transition towards a just, clean, and low-carbon energy system.

Executive Boards

Muhamad Suhud | Chairman

Muhammad Suhud is an expert on clean energy policy and climate change mitigation actions. For more than 17 years, Suhud has worked in various energy projects such as at WWF Indonesia, UNDP Indonesia, USAID, and in several international NGOs. And since 2015 Suhud has become an independent consultant for energy and renewable energy policies.

Tulus Abadi | Treasury

Tulus Abadi is a consumer protection activist since 1996, since 2003, he works as Daily Chair Board of YLKI. He is also active as a Public Policy Observer,  a member of Dewan Transportasi Kota Jakarta, and the Chairman National  Committee for Tobacco Control. 

Fabby Tumiwa | Secretary

Fabby Tumiwa is an expert in energy, electricity and climate change. Fabby was actively involved in various social movements and regional and international networks. Fabby used to be a member of the International Committee member (IC) of the Climate Action Network International, the International Committee of the NGO Forum on ADB, and the Coordinator of the Indonesia Climate Action Network (ICAN).

Lutfiyah Hanim

Lutfiyah Hanim is an expert on international trade organizations (WTO) and Indonesian agricultural policies. She is currently working for the Third World Network (TWN). Previously, Hanim was the Trade Program Coordinator at the Institute for Global Justice (IGJ) and had also been active in KONPALINDO. Hanim also served as Editor in Chief of the Berita Bumi bulletin.

Arimbi Heroepoetri | Member

Arimbi Heroeputri is an environmental, human rights, gender, women and indigenous people activist. Arimbi used to be a Commissioner at the National Commission on Violence Against Women (2007 – 2014) and became Director of DebtWatch Indonesia, an NGO that actively provides training on international financial institutions and globalization to various groups. Arimbi is one of the founders of the NGO Forum on ADB, a forum for organizations and community groups spread across Asian, European and American countries that oversee projects and monitor Asia Development Bank policies (ADB).

As’ad Nugroho | Member

As’ad Nugroho is an expert in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), sustainable business and Good Corporate Governance (GCG). Currently active as a consultant in various companies, both state-owned and national and multi-national private companies. He has been active in multiple public policy assessment institutions and small business development at the national level. He also wrote some books on public policy and philanthropy in Indonesia.

Tubagus Haryo Karbyanto | Member

Tubagus Haryo Karbyanto is a public lawyer for tobacco control and human rights issues. At present Tubagus is the Deputy General Chairperson of the General Affairs of the Jakarta Citizens’ Forum (FACT) and a member of the Division of Legal Affairs and Advocacy at the National Tobacco Control Commission. As the coordinator of the Solidarity of Public Advocates for Tobacco Control (SAPTA). Tubagus is a member of the LBH Press Board. Tubagus gave many views in the mass media related to the cigarette industry intervention in legislation in Indonesia.

Staff Profile

Fabby Tumiwa

Executive Director

Kharina Dhewayani

Administrative and Finance Manager

Marlistya Citraningrum

Program Manager Sustainable Energy Access

Deon Arinaldo

Program Manager Energy Transformation

Lisa Wijayani

Program Manager Green Economy

Agus Praditya Tampubolon

Project Manager CASE

Pamela Simamora

Research Coordinator - Renewable Energy/Power System Specialist

Gandabhaskara Saputra

Outreach and Engagement Adviser

Uliyasi Simanjuntak

Communications Coordinator

Nisa Maria Ulfa

Communication Officer • Graphic and Digital Media Designer
EM website

Erina Mursanti

Monitoring and Evaluation

Julius Christian

Researcher • Clean Fuel Specialist

Melina Gabriella

Program Officer, Energy Transformation

Daniel Kurniawan

Researcher • Solar Photovoltaic and Material Technology Specialist

Idoan Marciano

Researcher • Energy and Electric Vehicles Technology Specialist

Handriyanti Diah Puspitarini

Senior Researcher on Renewable Energy

Rizqi Mahfudz Prasetyo

Local Project Officer, Sustainable Energy Access

Icmi A. Safitri

Program Officer, Sustainable Energy Access

Hadi Prasojo

Researcher • Economics and Finance

Irwan Sarifudin

Communications Officer, Clean Energy Hub

Geny Jati

Communications Officer


Administrative Assistant

Ninette Ika Asyifa

Administrative and Finance Assistant


Logistic Support

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